Finally Our Own Home!

When we moved in..

We moved into our new home more or less exactly 7 years ago.  What we saw when we arrived from Austria, where we lived before, was quite a shock as you can see on the photo below…. The house was built in the 18th century out of stones from a brook. It has got very thick walls and good substance.  Except of the walls and some very nice old wooden floors, we had to take everything out and replace it.

The day we moved in…
After about a week the kitchen arrived
non-existent bathroom door upstairs
no tiles on the walls of the shower yet
the same in the other bathroom

With lots of phantasy and idealism we just went on and lived in this house with our three children even though it wasn’t ready at all. There was no warm water in the whole house at the beginning and the only source of water was in the facility room. So I boiled some water and mixed it with cold water when the children needed a bath. Nevertheless: we survived! We soon found out that all 46 windows of the house needed to be changed. Workers in the house nearly every day for about a year….. after that only for period of a few weeks or months every year.




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