One of my favourite destinations is Marrakech.

I went there three times so far – once when I was about 25, then again in 2017 together with my husband and this year with my three children.

I love strolling through the souks looking for little treasures. I actually found our lamp on the internet at Westwing some time ago but you can find loads of these in the souks around the Djamaa el-fna. The famous place in the medina which hasn’t changed since I have been there for the first time 22 years ago. I will definedly go there again sometime.


I bought these Moroccan babouches for the girls and me in the souks. Aren’t they lovely? You can find them on ebay as well by the way…..


This silver Berber bracelet with cobalt blue was a gift by my husband. Our holiday in Marrakech were definitely the best holidays we’ve had together, though I must admit our first trip to Scotland together wasn’t bad at all either. I will tell you about my love to Scotland another time. Anyway, I think this bracelet is really beautiful.


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