The Dining Room.

My husband and I spotted this print by Leonetto Cappiello (1875-1942) a long time ago in a small shop in Munich, which is specialized on art deco objects. At that time we loved strolling around Schwabing or other parts of Munich on Saturdays. We both kind of fell in love with this gigantic lithograph and my husband decided to give it to me as a Christmas present. This was our first Christmas together. We still lived in Munich at that time and had just moved together into a really nice flat.  I can still remember that day and all the excitement about the poster. We didn’t buy it straight away but went for a drink first to think it all over. Actually there was another print by Cappiello, which we liked, too. It was a lithograph of an Elephant – an old advert for cigarettes. Anyway, we went back for the print of “The Devil”.

Dining Room.
Dining room. Oak table with Vitra plastic chairs.

A local carpenter made this oak table for us. I showed him a photo of a table out of a magazine. It was an article about Cameron Diaz apartment. The table doesn’t look quite the same as on the photo I showed to him, but I like it anyway.

The Vitra chairs were a present by my mum.

I believe the lamp is by Luceplan, but I cannot tell for sure. This was another object my husband and I both had our eyes on for a while until we finally decided to buy it. Like the “devil poster” it has moved houses with us several times.


I believe I already showed you this painting in one of my other posts. This is because I really like this painting. My best friend gave it to me when we moved into this house. She said the woman on the painting reminds her of my youngest daughter, who is also her godchild. Some people say that the woman on the painting looks sad. To me she looks beautiful. And full of thoughts, like myself.  I like the way she looks through the window into our garden. Sorry for the reflexions on the picture. I will try to take a better photo on a sunny day, when no light is required.

The mirror with the white wooden frame is very old. How old I don’t know. I bought it for 50 pence at an auction in Lancashire when I was a teenager. Apparently I was already interested in interior design at that time without being conscious of it.

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