The Childrens’ Paintings.

I like displaying my childrens’ paintings all over the house. My son did the “Hare with the red Nose”, when he was six years old. It refers to a poem about a hare with a red nose and a blue ear by Helme Heine. This picture has got its place in the kitchen since about seven years.

My girls always enjoyed painting for the school competitions. The topics were “Super Heroes” or “Birthday Party”.  On another picture you can see our cat “Fee” with another cat, which we called “Snow”. Snow thinks he’ s our cat, too, but Fee doesn’t get on with him. I put these pictures together on a wall in the study in frames by Villa Vatku.

My youngest daughter did a self portrait, which is actually as big as herself when she was six. She made it in kindergarten a few years ago and I had it framed in order to preserve it.

I did the same with a picture my son and my other daughter drew when they were very little. With a bit of phantasy you can see a house and some trees on it. This is meant to be our old home in Austria.


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