The Livingroom.

Our children usually occupy this place. At the weekends we sometimes watch family films together here.


I bought this chair at ebay several years ago and had it re-done with brown leather. Actually it is one of the most comfortable chairs in the house. My husband found the wooden table in an interior design shop in Vienna. It has been made of an old wooden floor, so it is quite unique.

DSC06249I like big plants in the house. This one has grown up to the ceiling. It has become an experiment: I want to see where the branches will find their ways.

We’ve got two of those Morroccan lamps in the house. I have been thinking of selling lamps like this one online because I like them so much. So keep yours eyes open for my new online shop. I’ve got a few other ideas about things I would like to sell.

The Rolf Benz sofa has moved houses with us several times. We bought it, when our son was a baby and that is about 13 years ago. It is a sleeping sofa, but now we only use it to sit on.


These are my favorite photographs of the children. I think I’ve got a good eye for motives. I don’t know anything about techniques though. I mean all kind of techniques. My 13 year old son said recently that he thinks he can drive the car better than me even though he never drove a car so far. He is probably right.


On this photo you can see how thick the walls are. This house is very old and the walls are about 60cm thick, which keeps the house cool in summer and warm in winter.

We bought the lamp in the same shop in Vienna as the table. I fell in love with the lamp when I was pregnant with our third child.

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