Short Trip to Scotland.

In one of my earlier posts I promised to write a bit about my love to Scotland: My grandad was Scottish. He was born in Glasgow, I believe in 1910, and then brought up in a small town called Alloa. Anyway, I have got a lot of good childhood memories about Scotland. We used to travel there at least once a year for a long period of time. My grandparents used to live in Fife. I know the little fishing villages such as Largo, Elie and Anstruther very well. St. Andrews is a very nice place to visit, too.

I have only been to Glasgow once a long time ago but my son persuaded me to go there. So we did! Glasgow was quite interesting and we enjoyed our time there, because we’ve had lots of time to talk to each other. We also visited a few museums such as the Riverside Museum and the Kelvingrove Museum. What really was overwhelming though, was our one day trip to Loch Ness in the north of Scotland. We went on a bus through the Scottish Highlands with a few stops at Loch Leven and Glencoe. It was a very long bus trip but Laura the bus driver told us a lot about Scottish history and other interesting things while she was driving.


I haven’t seen my son so happy for a long time. He wanted to stay outside on deck during the whole boat trip. So we did… for one hour, well wrapped up with a cup of coffee and hot chocolate. The views were amazing!


Loch Ness



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